Forthcoming Jackpocket Casino App Comes with Plenty of Intrigue

Jackpocket casino

The New Jersey online casino landscape is about to gain a new player later this year as Jackpocket casino gets set to arrive on the scene. 

But its forthcoming launch isn’t simply a case of a fresh operator joining an aggressively competitive and ever-maturing market. 

This launch will come with a twist.

Jackpocket, which already boasts an impressive resume as the leading online lottery app currently available in more than a dozen states, is the first third-party lottery service to enter the NJ casino market. It will lean on both its versatility and success in the lottery space as an appealing alternative to the market’s current options.

Jackpocket casino audience from lottery

To be sure, crossover casino platforms aren’t exactly a novel concept. Players at the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel, among others, can bounce between sports betting odds and casino gaming on well-polished, multi-functional platforms. 

Meanwhile, some standalone casino apps serve a singular function and are well-rounded enough in terms of user experience to gain player loyalty.

So, while the intrigue around Jackpocket’s unique entry-point is real, its long-term success and viability to play with market kings is far from a foregone conclusion. 

While we don’t yet know how Jackpocket fits into the current New Jersey online casino, nor do we have an exact timeframe for its official launch date, some details are coming into focus, so let’s both quickly tackle what we can expect and address exactly why the company’s plans have the eye of so many.

Jackpocket Casino App: A Timeline to Launch

Jackpocket first gained market access through a partnership with Caesars Entertainment back in December 2021.

The company’s internal expectations projected a 2022 launch date, but that timeline has now stretched into this year. 

Earlier this month, Jackpocket paired up with White Hat Gaming to handle infrastructure items like online wallets and financial transactions.

Assuming the company hits the updated target, its casino launch will come 10 years after it first came into focus as a revolutionary alternative way to play the lottery

To arrive at this point, the company raised $120 million in financing prior to announcing its partnership with Caesars, and now boasts a notable list of investors headlined by the likes of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. 

Over the past year, Jackpocket has made a series of notable marketing partnerships with most professional sports franchises and major college athletic programs. Perhaps predictably, one of those teams includes the Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks.

As it embarks upon its New Jersey casino expansion, Jackpocket has notable relationships in place with the New Jersey Devils and the University of Rutgers athletics.

What Makes the Jackpocket Launch So Intriguing?

If another standalone app hit a flooded market or another two-way sportsbook and casino platform opened its doors, such an arrival might not get more than a cursory acknowledgment. 

This, however, is a bit different. 

Big-time funding backed by several notable investors and some compelling marketing partnerships are enough to drum up some interest, but it enters the market from a completely unique space and does so with a similarly unique mission.  

The online lottery has experienced meteoric growth in recent years, and there exists a strong correlation with Jackpocket’s own ascension. Players in 15 states play a variety of lottery games, many of which use the app to play everything from scratch-offs to Powerball:

  1. Arizona
  2. Arkansas
  3. Colorado
  4. Idaho
  5. Minnesota
  6. Montana
  7. New Hampshire
  8. New Jersey
  9. New Mexico
  10. New York
  11. Ohio
  12. Oregon
  13. Texas
  14. Washington DC
  15. West Virginia

Ultimately, Jackpocket will hope to pair up the continued rise of the online lottery industry and use it to power its ambitions in other real-money gaming markets. 

Much the way people used to visit retail shopping malls to fulfill a diverse set of shopping needs, Jackpocket will look to create a one-stop destination for gaming. That construction will be led by the lottery platform, anchored by online casino, and, in time, further fortified through a smattering of other offerings like bingo, horse racing, social wagering channels, raffles and more.

It’s this grander vision and diversity of possibilities that distinguishes it from the pre-existing multi-platform apps that simply allow for toggling between casino and sportsbook.

In other words, the vision is far grander. And in the long run, Jackpocket will hope its menu of diverse gaming options could set it apart. 

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